You’re building your dream home. Kick back, relax. Trust us to take care of it all.

processFor us, each home carries our name and our reputation. Each Whittaker homeowner represents us. To keep you satisfied and relaxed throughout the experience of building your home, we promise communication, flexibility, timeliness and creativity. Our goal is exceeding your expectations — every day!

How do we meet that goal in this competitive industry? Here are some characteristics of how we approach building your home:

    • Turnkey approach: You don’t need to turn to anyone else to build your home. Whittaker Builders has developed a highly systematic approach that takes care of all the details, from lot identification to design, materials selection, construction, inspection and closing.
    • Hassle-free experience: Kick back, relax. Trust us to take care of it all. With Whittaker Builders as your building partner, you don’t need to fear the unknown. We strive to make the experience painless and seamless, just like it should be when building a coastal retreat.
    • Energy efficiency: So-called green construction is oversold and under-delivered. For Whittaker Builders, the real saving of natural resources comes from energy efficiency instead of recycled materials and sustainable sourcing.
    • Experienced partners: Whittaker Builders brings to the table the most knowledgeable and talented partners to help put all the finishing touches on your home.
    • Lifelong commitment: At Whittaker Builders, we are all about customer satisfaction. To prove it, we’ve developed a warranty plan that goes above and beyond to keep you at peace. We see it as a privilege to work with you in maintaining your Whittaker Home. For us, it’s a lifelong commitment.

Our value-added services are long. Call us today to see how else we stand apart from the competition.